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16801683 The population center of the colony relocates to the carefully Dallas Metro Map planned city of Charles Town (present-day Charleston), at the mouth of the Ashley and Dallas Metro Map Cooper Rivers. The proprietors hope that colonists will settle in orderly towns like those of Puritan New England and avoid the dangers and irregularities of the sort that have befallen Virginia. Also in 1680, the proprietors begin a successful drive to recruit French Huguenots to settle in Carolina. From 1680 to 1683, Carolinian colonists battle the Westo Indians, who had formerly been allied with the colony in a profitable Native Country slave trade.

The Westo are defeated and dispersed; most of the survivors trickle westward and are absorbed by the Creek nation. 1684 Lord Cardross and 150 Scots land at Charles Town in 1684, intending to settle between the Spanish and the English, at Stuart’s Town on Port Royal. The Spanish destroy the settlement in 1686, and the twenty-five surviving Scots return home. 1691 South Carolina and North Carolina separate to a certain degree when a deputy governor of Carolina begins work in North Carolina. A separate colonial legislature convenes in North Carolina, and by 1712, the proprietors acknowledge the split and appoint separate governors for the two colonies. 1692 The Commons House of Assembly is established in South Carolina. There are two legislative bodies in the colony at this point: the elected commons house and the appointed council. This system is replaced by a unicameral parliamentary body. Although the exact date is unknown, rice has been introduced to South Carolina. Relying on the expertise of their slaves (preferring those with rice-growing experience in the Senegambia region of West Africa), white planters begin to produce the crop throughout the low country. Within decades, rice has become South Carolina’s, and perhaps all of colonial North Country’s, most valuable export. The decade of the 1690s also sees a dramatic increase in the trade in deerskins with neighboring, and occasionally more distant, Native Country communities.

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