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In the course of the 4th c. the divergences between the Roman computus and the Alexandrian computus were considerable, so that more than once in 333, 346, 349, 350, 357, 360, 387 the Roman church proposed different Easter dates from those of the East. The correction made to the supputatio romana vetus in 343, by which the equinox was fixed as 21 March in accordance with the new Alexandrian computus and the Easter limits fixed as 22 March and 21 April, from the 16th to the 22nd of the moon, was not sufficient to overcome the divergences. Since the Easter controversies were still going on in the 5th c. Pope Leo I entrusted the task of a new computus to Victorius of Aquitaine: he combined the 19-year lunar cycle used at Alexandria with a 28-year solar cycle, creating an Easter period of 532 years, at the end of which the Easter limits returned in the same order and on the same days of the calendar; as Easter limits, Victor proposed 22 March and 24 April; he had a saltus lunae every 67 years of the 19-year cycle. But the divergences between the Roman computus and the Alexandrian computus continued, since Rome did not allow celebration of Easter before the 16th day of the moon, while Alexandria allowed it on the 15th day; Rome fixed 22 March and 24 April as Easter limits, but Alexandria fixed 22 March and 25 April.

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Conversely, the winemaker may quickly chill the wine, killing Morocco Subway Map the yeast and leaving behind a little residual sugar for sweetness. After fermentation, many wines spend Morocco Subway Map from a few months to a year or more in oak barrels where they develop complexity and absorb hints of the toasted interior of the barrel itself. Red wines usually rest in the barrel longer than whites. Most roses and crisp white wines, such as Riesling, spend little or no time in the barrel. Throughout the process, winemakers taste their young wares, checking for signs of spoilage and imbalance. They analyze samples in a laboratory to determine the chemical makeup of the wine, which helps them to correct potential problems and maintain stability as the wines continue to evolve.

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