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Most people are aware that exercising strenuously in extreme heat can be risky or dangerous. If you’re visiting the desert, or any other location where it’s very hot during the day, try to limit most physical activity to early mornings and evenings.

Use restraint and change your original plans, if necessary, to avoid overdoing it in the heat. The body ordinarily requires large quantities of water in warm or hot weather, so drink as much as you possibly can, especially when exerting yourself.

If you’re careless about water intake, or otherwise let yourself overheat in hot weather, you could be risking a case of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Pay close attention to any physical symptoms, and respond quickly to signs of overheating.

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Few women had access to more than a rudimentary education, both because they were women and because of the limited educational available to anyone not of the more privileged classes. Phoenix/Mesa Map Tourist Attractions In Catholic colonies, girls might have access to convent schools, such as the one established by the Ursulines in Quebec in 1639 for both the daughters of French colonists and native girls, or to schools taught by beatas in Spanish-ruled countries. Although women’s educational opportunities were limited throughout this period, these expanded during the eighteenth century as literacy increased, print culture changed the intellectual landscape of the colonies, the number of female entrepreneurs opening schools increased, and women’s education became linked to colonial self-determination.

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