Sandwich Works US Map & Phone & Address

827 Beacon St, Newton; (617) 332-6777

1284 Washington St, Newton; (617)244-1211

Route 9 & Lyman St Westborough; (508) 870-1766

10 Mt. Vemon St. Winchester; (508) 729-1857


These tasty little shops are like a cross between fast-food and a local deli. The service is over-the-counter and quick, with tables in a pleasant, if basic, eating area. All yer basic hot and cold sandwiches are here, from grilled cheese ($1.95) to BLT ($2.75) to roast beef ($3.75). You get your choice of breads and rolls, and side orders of cole slaw or Red Bliss potato salad are an extra 600 each.

What Mine really enjoys here are the special grilled sandwiches, like the West Newton ($3.85) ham, turkey, Swiss, and cream cheese stuffed into dark rye, hot and juicy.

Or try the garden pocket ($3.65)- broccoli, squash, zucchini, peppers, and carrots marinated in a special dressing with cheese, served in Syrian bread. Plus daily specials, soups, quiches, and more.

Daily newspapers are on sale, making this a nice place to hang out and relax. SW also makes note of their decision to use healthy, lighter cooking oils and recyclable materials. That’s always to be applauded! Hours vary at different locations.

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