Museo de la Memoria

A clandestine detention facility converted into the Museo de la Memoria: Dictadura y Derechos by Dr. Martin Almada, a well-known Paraguayan human rights activists and victim of torture at the hands of Stroessner’s secret police. During the Stroessner era, hundreds of people were interrogated and tortured behind this house’s unassuming exterior. The museum has exhibits about Operation Condor and the Archive of Terror and the Stroessner dictatorship. It also functions as a human rights center aiding both researchers and victims of dictatorship-era human rights violations. Tel: 021 425 345, Chile 1066 almost at the corner of Jejui,, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Manzana de la Rivera/Museo Memorias de la Ciudad

Museo de la Memoria Photo Gallery

The series of restored colonial houses that now make up Asuncion’s municipal cultural center are known collectively as the Manzana de la Riviera (manzana is the Spanish word for block, as well as apple). Included in the complex is the Museo Memorias de la Ciudad, a small museum dedicated to the history of Asuncion. The museum’s patio and adjoining bar offer the best view of the presidential palace in the city as well as a glimpse of the river. Tel: 021 442 448, 021 447 683, Corner of Ayolas and El Paraguayo Independiente,, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm

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