Eating in Mercado Cuatro

Mercado Cuatro is a great place to get authentic Asian food, specifically Chinese and Korean. The majority of Asian restaurants are located in the Barrio Chino a series of Chinese and Korean restaurants and bodegas along Republica Francesa. In smaller restaurants, the use of Spanish may be limited; being accompanied by a native speaker of Korean or Chinese is sure to grant you access to an extended menu. Although most Korean main courses come with meat, vegetarians will be able to enjoy the wide variety of meatless sides, known as “bahn chan,” (including delicious kimchi) that accompany most dishes.

Jang Soo Chun Upon entering this hole-in-the-wall Korean barbeque, you will be asked simply “vaca, chanco o pato” (beef, pork or duck). Make your choice and watch the magic happen on your tabletop gas grill. Tel: 021 223 304, Lomas Valentinas between Otazu and R. Caballero The building is mint green with a green doorway leading up stairs – the dining room is in the back. Mon-Sat 12pm-2pm, 5pm-8:30pm, Sun 5pm-8:30pm, Gs. 25,000-30,000

Y Hak Large and centrally located, this Korean restaurant is popular with Paraguayans and Koreans alike. Menus are in both Spanish and Korean. Don’t be surprised if some of your noodle dishes come with scissors to aide in serving! Tel: 021 208 578, 1091 Peru almost at the corner of Republica de Colombia, 11:3am-2pm and 5:00pm-9:30pm, closed every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Gs. 25,000-35,000 with the exception of sushi dishes which are pricier

Panadena y Confitena Hidalgo This specialty Korean bakery sells green tea and blueberry ice creams, sweet red bean paste filled desserts and fresh tofu. Tel: 021 225 263 Corner of Peru and Ana Diaz

El Paraiso Located in a large building resembling a pagoda, this Chinese restaurant is a little removed from the market and more upscale than other options. Sweet and sour pork is sticky and delicious and tofu a la plancha is quite flavorful. Tel: 021 206 810, 021 213 593 Herminio Jimenez 1743 almost Republica Francesa Gs. 25,000-35,000

Fu Sin Everything at this popular Chinese restaurant is served family style – be ready to overeat! Spicy eggplant is a good choice for vegetarians. Tel: 021 206 686, Republica. Francesa 939, Gs. 15,000-20,000


Held every Tuesday from 8am-8pm in the Shopping Mariscal Lopez (see Cool Refuge) parking lot, Agroshopping offers foreigners a great opportunity to experience the cornucopia of produce that Paraguay has to offer in a comfortable and manageable setting. While the quantity and variety of produce available can’t match that of infinitely larger Mercado Cuatro or Mercado Abasto, Agroshopping is less overwhelming and more accessible to foreigners. In the twelve years since its inception, the market has become an Asuncion tradition and meeting place for both shopping and socializing. Additionally, there are several prepared food options, including ethnic choices, which make Agroshopping a popular lunch scene. Carnivors will be happy with Chancho Rico’s artisanal sausages and cold cuts, while vegetarians will enjoy the vegetarian sushi, curry, and other soy-based foods of Casa Ines. Be sure to hit up El Estadero for fresh juices and fruit salads and, nearby, La

Alemana for delicious pastries. Several Asian vendors also sell vegetarian sushi and other TVP and soy based products.

Mercado de Abasto

Located just over the border between Asuncion and the satellite city of Fernando de la Mora, the Mercado de Abasto is a good place for those who like to visit markets but do not want to deal with the craziness of Mercado Cuatro. The market is on its own lot, as opposed to being set up on city streets, and therefore more open and less confusing than Mercado Cuatro. The market’s vendors sell mostly produce. Should you be interested in engaging people in conversation or taking photos (always with permission), Mercado de Abasto is a good option and an easy bus ride from Asuncion. On Avenida Defensores del Chaco and San Jose, from downtown take bus 15-3.

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