Pet Club US Map & Phone & Address

Pet Club US Map & Phone & Address

486 Westgate Dr. Brockton; (508) 580-1190

1600 V.F.W. Parkway, West Roxbury; (617) 327-0444

Wow. These stores claim to have A Whole Acre of Pets, and that looks about right Along with clever, open-top glass pens filled with dogs, birds, rabbits, and more allowing you to reach right in and play Pet Club takes the high-volume approach to food and accessories. Prices are about 25%-50% below retail.

The selection, naturally, is vast. Whether you have a hamster or a hippo (wellll .), they’ve got everything you could possibly need to care for it. Find good prices on dog and cat foods from Iams/Eukanuba, Science Diet, Bil-Jac, and Purina; or, pick up a special, like a 25-pound box of Cadet dog biscuits for only $10.99.

Fin fans may find a 10-gallon aquarium starter kit everything but the fish for a mere $14.99. Not to mention bird cages, kitty carry-cases, gerbil runs, and even ferret condos. There is also a well-stocked book section, all discounted 25% off the cover price.

The staff knows its stuff mostly young, animal-lover types themselves. Pet Club (which is not a membership club, by the way) is open daily from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sundays from 12-6.

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