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1214 Thomas Ave. 704/375-0079

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-9 P.M. Sun. 1-6 P.M.

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At first glance, Boris and Natasha looks like a secondhand store. Though the scantily clad mannequins in the shop windows appear to be modeling retro fashions, the boutique is anything but a thrift shop the clothes are designer (with prices to match). It’s one of the few places in City that can be counted on for couture from Anna Sui and Ben Sherman. The atmosphere in the store fits with the neighborhood: hip with a vintage vibe. Be sure to offer up a belly rub to the store mascot, Odie McMuffin.

The English go very fasheonable in their dress. Dut the Nepal Subway Map Dutch, especially the middling sort, differ from our women, in their habitt go loose, Nepal Subway Map were French muches wch are like a Capp and a head band in one, leaving their ears bare, which are sett out Wth Jewells of a large size and many in number. And their fingers hoop’t with Rings, some with large stones in them of many Coullers as were their pendants in their ears, which You should see very old women wear as well as Young. They have Vendues very frequently and make their Earnings very well by them, for they treat with good Liquor Liberally, and the Customers Drink as Liberally and Generally pay for’t as well, by paying for that which they Bidd up Briskly for, after the sack has gone plentifully about, tho’ sometimes good penny worthy are got there. Their Diversions in the Winter is Riding Sleys about three or four Miles out of Town, where they have Houses of entertainment at a place called the Bowery, and some go to friends Houses who handsomely treat them. Mr.

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