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ALOFT CITY UPTOWN CO210 E. Trade St. 704/333-1999, www.aloftcharlotteuptown. com

You won’t find standard beige rooms with floral artwork at aloft. The entire 175-room hotel ($179259 d) has a too-cool-for-school vibe with its bright colors, armless furniture, cork finishes, stainless-steel accents, and psychedelic lights. There’s a 24-hour gym, indoor pool, and tons of games in the re:mix lounge, but with the hustle and bustle of the EpiCentre just outside the front door there isn’t much of a reason to hang out in the hotel.


DAYS INN CITY CENTER CITY ©601 N. Tryon St. 704/333-4733,

To call this hotel no frills would be an understatement. The 120-room motel ($59-99 d) is part of the national chain and offers sparse rooms with firm beds, particleboard furniture, outdated linens, and old-school TVs. The rooms are clean and, for the most part, it’s a quiet place to spend the night. Its appeal is the location: In the heart of Uptown, the motel is just steps from shops, sights, and nightlife. Parking is just $5.50/night, which is a bargain compared to the overnight rates at other Uptown hotels. Breakfast is free and there is a restaurant on-site, but heading down Tryon Street to sample some of the best eateries in the Queen City is a better option than sitting in a cracked fake-leather booth eating dry pastries.

And those who steal or rob men, and those who New Orleans Map Tourist Attractions buy or purchase them, are they not all alike? Here is liberty of conscience, which New Orleans Map Tourist Attractions is right and reasonable; here ought to be likewise liberty of the body, except of evil-doers, which is another case. But to bring men hither, or to rob and sell them against their will, we stand against. In Europe there are many oppressed for conscience sake; and here there are those oppressed which are of a black colour. And we who know that men must not commit adultery some do commit adultery in others, separating wives from their husbands, and giving them to others: and some sell the children of these poor creatures to other men. Ah! do consider well this thing, you who do it, if you would be done at this manner and if it is done according to Christianity! You surpass Holland and Germany in this thing. This makes an ill report in all those countries of Europe, where they hear of it, that the Quakers do here handel men as they handel there the cattle.

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