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BABYSITTERS. You should be able to obtain the names of babysitting agencies from the hotel receptionist, or consult the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory. The Baby Sitters Guild, 60 East 42nd Street (tel. 682-0227) can usually send someone over on short notice. Call morning or afternoon for evening booking. Rates start at around $3.50 per hour for one child, with a four-hour minimum plus transportation.

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He was there to scare out the weak and the timid and the ones that wouldn’t fit. He told us that we would have to work six days a week at sea and study on the seventh. When the ship was in port we would have to work seven days. We would work eight hours a day minimum, usually nearer 12, sometimes more. He told us the engine room was so hot it hurt to breathe and the engineers became so filthy that they never got the oil and grease out of their skin. The deck officers worked until they dropped, and in port got as filthy as the engineers – but they had to change into best uniform several times a day, and so had to scrub themselves clean continually in water that was usually cold. As cadets we would be contracted for three-and-a-half years, be poorly paid and have to do all the ghastly jobs that even the lowest crew-member would refuse to do. We would be constantly reminded that we had no rights and were the lowest form of marine life and everyone would shout at us and abuse us. The officers would think we were their slaves, whereas the crew would hate us and bully us because one day we would be in charge of them. We would hardly ever get off the ship, and when we did, it would be for a few dangerous hours in some dreadful dockland miles from town where we stood a good chance of getting robbed and beaten.

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