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French restaurants. Approach these with caution, for there are no more than a dozen excellent ones, and another hundred that are mediocre and far too expensive for what they offer.

Ethnic restaurants, a term covering all foreign restaurants Greek, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (and remember that each province has its own style of cooking), Spanish. Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, German, Russian, Scandinavian, and so on. There’s something for every taste.

Some of the best Chinese and Italian restaurants are located in Chinatown and Little Italy. If German or Hungarian food strikes your fancy, head up to Yorkville in the East 80s between Lexington and First avenues. Middle Eastern restaurants can be found on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn or along with Greek, French, Spanish and Filipino cuisine–on Eighth Avenue between 37th and 53rd streets.

Sidewalk caf6s have become very popular in recent years. They serve hamburgers. quiches, crepes and sandwiches. and will usually let you Unger over your coffee.

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