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New Zealand the last major nonpolar landmass on earth to be populated by people New Zealand is just. So full of surprises just the beauty of the country is just amazing. I’ve always been enamored with the Maori culture, and this was an experience for me.

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I’ve always wanted to come especially tomorrow from the North Islands welcoming Maori communities, and spectacular waimangu geysers to the path of pioneers, and the fjords of the South Island who are the people, and what are the highlights that awake you within the wonders of New Zealand good morning to you all, and firstly a very warm welcome to La Manga Valley years ago we had an eruption here that city changed everything Korea but, and realistically when we put into perspective in terms of the age of the earth radio you had been yesterday located on New Zealand’s North Island the waimangu volcanic Rift Valley is a hydrothermal system created by the volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera yeah well just stop here and I want to show you something here but what. I’m looking to show you is this frond here anybody know what that’s called cut it all right to the Maori is very significant it means the beginning of life the core a frond is part of the mamako tree fern a plant used by the maori for centuries it contains a powerful healing extract for hydrating, and rejuvenating the skin yeah beautiful boys dip for the crater here’s about two meters the water hit the bottom cold trout or what’s floating on here is called a Zola, it’s a floating pin this particular plant here the Marty’s called it Cod amico the English word is he D there’s many many types of he bees of course, it’s got the flare on the end, and that’s what. I’m interested in and I take the outside leaves off the of the plant, and then.

I eat it yeah, it’s got a very bitter taste in the mouth but if you’ve got an upset stomach brilliant alright somebody want to try outside leaves off yet the inside piece yep that’s it now got a bit of taste in the mouth. How it was created alright just a small little cavity alright, and I’ll just put the probe in there oh my word we’re sitting on about a night Fahrenheit that’s good. This is not geothermal activity. This is a whole geothermal area, and the whole thing everything you look at you see bubbles all over the from underneath just amazing, it’s just like another world, it’s the world’s largest geyser like feature right but, it’s a geyser that we don’t see sending material up into the air, it’s something that happens under the ground oh, it’s just amazing the temperatures of these hot water pools, it’s been a real eye-opener.

I’m looking forward to the boat trip here in a few minutes to see what well we’ll see they’re referred to by locals as the warm Lake Lake Rotomahana hosts one of the newest, and most evocative ecosystems found on the planet they say when you’re in a place you caught a thin place where you’re closing the spirits the kuranda welcoming call indicates the start of the pohiri a formal welcoming ceremony their respect for the culture, and for the music, and for the language is. I don’t see anything like that in the United States. So fun to see the kids excited about their work, and just seemed to be.

So tuned in to everything everyone fun to watch this Academy here is those students who choose to be taught in Maori half the time starts a bilingual class English Maori having the academy’s to teach to students abilities, and their learning skills, and their learning styles is incredible wandering the mountains, and thermal zones of the North, and South Islands. I love talking to the Maori people, and having them tell us about their traditions, and their story we’re more interested in in really learning about a country learning about its culture then just kind of sitting on a bus, and watching this site, it’s beyond all my expectations, it’s been a spectacular experience stepping into two cultures European pioneers, and native Maori people uncover the Kiwi spirit of adventure in the memorable landscapes of New Zealand you.

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