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All right cameras I testing testing hey guys welcome to part 2 or post 2 of this little home post series I wanted to talk with you guys today about the number one question that I get across the travel blog social media, and post comments, and that is how I make money to live this dream, I’ll be honest this is the post I probably should have made a long time ago. But it’s always weird talking about money, and and getting into the specifics. But, I’m on a mission this year to help you guys to inspire you to give you more information about how you can travel the world yourselves or about how you can break away from your regular job, and do the things that you love, and one of the big ways to do that is making money online, and a few disclaimers before we get started as you can see from the my story post I don’t come from a wealthy family I don’t live off of inheritance, and although I’ve had the opportunity to sell a multi-million dollar business at a young age I still have to work, and make a living every day, and the money that I made through travel, and these methods that, I’m about to share with you make up 100 percent of my daily income, and also cover all of my living, and travel expenses, and another interesting thing to note is that when I bought that original ticket to Buenos Aires in 2009 the deal for selling the business wasn’t done yet.

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So I only had almost exactly five thousand dollars to my name, and my bank account, and I’ve actually used that money that five thousand dollars to leverage this entire business, and it took me almost a year of living in Argentina to develop the tourist Italian calm website, and these other online avenues in order to make this my primary source of income in the meantime I was bartending almost six nights a week I was doing marketing projects, and consulting campaigns for local Buenos Aires businesses, and I was also writing on the blog about four to five times a week now a lot of people say well this is just a cakewalk you just travel around the world, and do whatever you want. But one major key that I I want to be able to express today is the fact that while I love what, I’m doing every single day I get up excited about what’s next this is not easy. Because it doesn’t develop overnight if you want to create a profitable online business it takes work, and patience, and time all right with that being said let me show you the 8 ways that I make money online number one travel blog advertising, and sponsorships.

So once I gained enough traffic on the website I was able to sell banner ads text links sponsor posts across the site to travel organizations who wanted to promote their businesses, and services the big thing to remember for this one, and actually across the entire post is the fact that money follows eyeballs, and once you’ve built up an audience then you can monetize it, and the people that try to do that in Reverse it’s a tough battle found anything it nothing yet sir how about you not a thing sir what about you guys we ain’t found another strategy that I used in that time to earn extra money is that once I sold enough advertising space off on a tourist Akane comm site I would use that income to go out, and buy other popular travel websites, and sell advertising on those sites as well eventually Google’s algorithm changed in text links, and sponsored posts weren’t as valuable. So that kind of dwindled off over the last few years. So advertising on the site now it’s probably only about twenty or thirty percent of my income the second way that I make money online, and this is something that, I’m doing as much anymore is guest writing. So at the beginning, and this is something that you guys can do as well you’re a good writer or photographer you can go to other online publications magazines or whatever it may be, and ask them if you could write for them, and with that they will pay you a small stipend, and as far as money goes to those online publications, and magazines while you used to get a few hundred dollars per post now it’s more like twenty dollars up to a hundred or a couple hundred dollars depending on your writing ability, and your context there was just more competition now.

But it’s still a great way to earn some extra money while you’re traveling especially if you’re just starting out the third way that I make money online is through affiliate sales that is I get paid a percentage of a product or service that I am able to promote on my site or across my blogs for example all the Amazon links that you see in my post description especially the one in the top ten essential travel gear format post I get paid a very small portion about between four, and six percent from Amazon to promote those those products. But at the same time I’ve never promoted a product or service that I didn’t either use myself or absolutely believed it, and before I knew about all of these online affiliate programs I would actually go directly to local businesses in Argentina, and Buenos Aires, and from there on, and I would create these affiliate contracts one on one, and I’d say I really like your tour company for example if I recommend someone to go there will you guys give me a kickback, and that actually worked out really well, and it still does. So that’s affiliate sales both online, and also direct with the people that you are working with I highly recommend it it’s a great income source for me the number four way that I make money online is pretty straightforward it is the revenue share that I get from creating these posts. So if you were reading this post from a blocker or something like that you’re kind of hurt in the cause a little bit it’s not a ton of money. But it definitely adds up once you start getting a few hits on your belt for example that best features in real posts has earned me about a thousand, and two thousand dollars a month as it was taking off there a little while ago now it’s a little bit more subdued. But still make some pretty decent money, and that’s why I always get you guys to comment, and like, and comment, and turn on the notifications. Because it really helps generate the income to keep this going the number five way that I make money is through social media promotions, and partnerships.

So that would include Instagram photos Twitter shoutouts Facebook posts, and even snapchat takeovers. So I work with brands to highlight what they’re trying to promote to my audience, and it’s a great way to partner with the brands that you care about with that being said I say no a lot more than I say yes to these types of partnerships. Because I’ve seen a lot of big big accounts out there who have really sold out to the highest bidder, and I want to maintain a little bit of authenticity with you guys in the community that we’re starting to develop maybe, I’m wrong on this one. But for me the beast doesn’t include selling out cars you know what, I’m talking about right it’s like people only do things. Because they get paid, and that just really sad number six on the list, and the fastest growing way that I earn money is through destination, and brand campaigns. So these are multi-platform deliverables where I go on social media on the blogs on post, and create an entire campaign based around a specific theme. So good examples of this have been contracts with the Tourism Board of Brazil Tourism Board of Thailand regional tours, and boards of Australia also tour companies in Istanbul, and Nepal, and Bhutan.

So these ways allow me to create the content that I want, and also have a brand partner, and this is the dream come true, and just like through social media the companies that I do work with I make sure that I have the freedom to create something that I truly believe it. Because at the end of the day that’s all I have number seven on the list is post production me behind the camera behind the scenes, and this is one that, I’m really trying to develop. Because as I I get better at this post production stuff, and making these posts I want to help other brands other companies other individuals do the same for example when I was living in Australia I helped the Cairns Airport celebrate their five millionth passenger of the year by creating a really fun, and interactive post that actually turned out to win the first place as the Queensland multimedia Awards in Australia very very cool, and it was a great project to work with them, and the eight way that I make money online is through everything that I’ve learned from this process through the blogging the social media working with brands, and bundle that up into one agency a digital marketing agency where I do post production social media management, and I launched it here in my hometown of Rochester New York, and I worked with brands, and individuals to help develop their online communities, and generate revenue with a minimal budget, and I think another big takeaway with that is the fact that you will learn as you go, and if you’re just starting out, I’m just figuring out how to make money online, and how to do what you love then you have to test it, and put yourself out there, and although it seems like everything is perfect it takes a lot of grinding a lot of work to be able to maintain this profitable business, and be able to build a community with you guys, and and share my love, and passion for travel, and make money doing it. So if you guys have any specific questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can, and we’re going to keep this good thing going, I’m going to try to create a post every week this year, and when, I’m paying something. So far I think we’re that we’re going to get there, and if you like the post as always please comment, and if you are commentd please hit that little notifications belt, and click to receive notification for what I launched a new post thank you guys so much for reading, I’ll see you next week.

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