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Several martyrs named Conon are mentioned. One was bishop of Edessa and died in 228. Mart. Rom. mentions another Conon, who suffered martyrdom with his sons at Iconium in Isauria during Aurelian’s persecution. We possess acts regarding a certain Conon, called “the Gardener,” a martyr in Pamphylia under Decius. He is called a native of Nazareth in Galilee perhaps a hasty deduction from his statement: “I am of Nazareth. My family is Christ’s” who settled near Magydos, where he worked as a gardener. Arrested, he confessed his faith before the prefect Publius or Pollio. Feast 5 or 6 March.

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France’s revocation of the Edict of Nantes sparks a Newark Metro Map surge of Huguenot immigration into New York. More French and Dutch will enter the colony than English Newark Metro Map during the 1680s and 1690s. 1686 In May, Governor Dongan receives instructions from the royal court detailing the revocation of New York’s colonial charter. This revocation is part of James II’s larger project, the creation of the Dominion of New England. The Dominion includes New York, New Jersey, and all of the New England colonies, and it will be administered by a royally appointed governor based in Boston. The consolidation of authority represented by the Dominion is highly unpopular in the colonies, especially since the colonial legislatures are dissolved.

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