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Prairie Village Museum- This North Dakota museum, located at the geographical center of North America, includes nearly two dozen furnished historic buildings as well as antique cars, trains, and other relics of local history.

The priority given to motor vehicles has waned as roads dedicated exclusively to arterial purposes are being transformed to accommodate coexisting parking, pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic streams of variable speed. The reassignment of intermediate spaces has been done to reduce parking minimums, widen pavements, reduce carriageway, and so on. Redistributing public spaces allows greater access for more people, provides more mobility options, and encourages more functions. The changes are not detrimental to mobility, but in fact complement non-motorized mobility and quality of place.

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As contemporary trends lead lifestyles in new directions, it is necessary to reimagine the in-between spaces to maximize their function and quality. The aim of Connecting Places, Connecting People is to balance the functional efficiency and place-making aspects of these in-between spaces.

Giving priority to operating speed and traffic-carrying capacity results in urban roadways that divide neighborhoods, destroy local businesses, and create sterile, inhospitable streetscapes. With increased traffic volumes, residents retreat from public streets, relocating their activities to quieter parts of their houses, thus encouraging anonymity and its disadvantages.

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