Bonaire is a bird island, home to 145 species. The salt beds at the southern tip of the island, with one of the world’s largest flamingo colonies, are a major tourist attraction. There are several resorts as well as rich scuba and snorkeling reefs. Part of its income is derived from Holland.

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Couper was the manager. A single screw was powered by an aft-positioned 150-nhp three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used two single-ended boilers working at a pressure of 170 psi with four plain furnaces, 7.24 sq.m (78 sq.ft) of grate surface and 250.46 sq.m (2696 sq.ft) of heating surface, giving ten knots. The cylinders measured 43.18 cm, 69. 85 cm and 114.3 cm with an 83.82-cm stroke (17 in. 27/ in. and 45 in. with a 33-in. stroke). Ross and Duncan in Glasgow manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. She had water ballast, one steel deck, three bulkheads cemented, a 36.88-m quarterdeck and a 10.

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