Winston-Salem city Metro Map

Do not continue forward on this path, but turn right Winston-Salem city Metro Map immediately, just before the footpath signpost that includes the South Downs Way acorn symbol, to join Winston-Salem city Metro Map a broad green track which descends very steeply. From this track you can enjoy fantastic views ahead to Eastbourne and the coastline beyond, and in clear conditions you will see the buildings of Hastings in the distance. Keep on the wide track all the way to the cliff edge. When you reach it, turn left to follow the green clifftop path; it is lovely walking, with the sea to your right and Whitbread Hollow to your left.

A number of interesting plants are to be found hereabouts including purple rosebay willowherb; bird’s-foot trefoil, the flowers of which provide a magnificent carpet of yellow in early summer; the tall viper’s bugloss with bell-shaped blue and purplish-red flowers; the early gentian with its blooms of pale purple; the red valerian with its red and white flowers and subtle fragrance that makes it popular with butterflies and other insects; and the sea radish, which produces four-petalled yellow flowers that appear in summer. Look out also for cowslips, orchids, harebells, bellflowers, pheasant’s eye and possibly more: it is estimated that unless it becomes overgrown, this downland turf contains 46 species per square metre! Having enjoyed a splendid cliff-edge promenade, you rise to meet a wide gravelled track, on to which you turn right.

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