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1773 Despite political unsettlement, Georgia’s growth continues at North Las Vegas Map a rapid rate. The Creek and Cherokee cede 2.1 million acres adjacent to the land North Las Vegas Map handed over in the 1763 negotiations, giving the province enough land to sustain population expansion for the near future. For the first time, recorded exports from Georgia exceed 100,000 pounds.

In a comprehensive survey of the colony, Wright finds that the number of inhabitants has grown to 18,000 whites and 13,000 slaves nearly ten times the size of the population in 1754. 1774 Georgians react with mixed feelings to the passage by Parliament of the Intolerable Acts, which are designed to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.

Public meetings in July and August resist cooperation with other colonies; as a result, the Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia minus any representatives from Georgia. Acting independently, St. John’s Parish votes to send Dr. Lyman Hall to Philadelphia to monitor the proceedings, but Hall refuses to accept based on such uncertain authority.

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