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The history of Birmingham only actually began in 1775 with the steam machine factory of Boulton and Watts, the first of its kind in the world. Since then Birmingham rapidly expanded with new industries and companies, and its population grew quickly.

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Starling groaned: I hate this. I’m dying. I want to be off here. His voice was weak and pitiful, dry and croaking. I laughed, then hawked and spat on the deck. He retched again. We steamed into New York harbour at midnight and had to anchor in the bay to wait for a pilot. While we were at anchor, I had my first pleasure of US hospitality: a small herd of blank-faced customs and immigration officials came onboard and interviewed everybody one-by-one. When my turn came, the interviewer stared at me, then stared at the photograph in my discharge blog, then at me, then back at the blog, then back at me. It was two in the morning and I had been roused from my bunk and told to report to the ship’s office, where I was awaited.

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