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1,195,771 acres. Deerlodge National Forest is made up of several large parcels of land in southwest Montana. Included are a series of mountain ranges and a sizable segment of the Continental Divide. Highest elevation is 10,641-foot Mount Evans.

Along with snow-capped peaks there are massive cirque basins, rock formations, canyons, conifer forests, and numerous glacial lakes and streams. Local mammals include elk, moose, grizzly and black bear, deer, and coyote.

There’s one designated wilderness area, consisting of about 44,000 acres of the 158,000-acre Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness, which continues on into two other National Forests.

Activities: Backpacking and hiking are possible on about 600 miles of trails, including a major stretch of the Continental Divide Trail (see entry page 197).

Horseback riding is permitted on most trails, and cross-country skiing is an option here during the snow season. Fishing is available at lakes and along streams. Hunting is legal during the appropriate season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is freely allowed in almost any suitable location, as are campfires, except where otherwise prohibited. No permits are necessary.

For Further Information: Deerlodge National Forest, P.O. Box 400, Butte, MT 59703; (406)496-3400.

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