To continue to Belvedere Island, continue on Main Street as it curves right along Ark Row, a series of tree-shaded boutiques and galleries housed in restored arks, each about 100 years old. At the end of Ark Row take a side trip by walking left on Bellevue Avenue onto Corinthian Island. At the tip you’ll find a viewing area over the yacht harbor and Tiburon, with eye-popping looks at San Francisco, Alcatraz, and both bridges. You could walk around


Corinthian Island from here, on East View Terrace, and drop back to Main Street at the base of Ark Row. Or, to continue on a longer stroll, double back on Bellevue, go straight to Beach Road, and turn left.

On the water, at 52 Beach Road, is China Cabin, a historic site the restored Social Saloon of the SS China, which beached in 1886 in Belvedere Cove. China Cabin is normally open from April through October. Continue on Beach Road to where it makes a left turn. Look to your right for Pagoda Lane, and head up the 200 stairs that lead to Bayview Avenue on Belvedere Island. Walk left on Bayview until you come again to Beach Road. Head left back to Tiburon. You’ll pass the San Francisco Yacht Club, an opportunity to stroll dockside among some finely outfitted ocean cruisers.

Paradise Beach Park is on the north side of the Tiburon Peninsula, about 4 miles from Tiburon on Paradise Drive. Paradise Drive continues to Tamalpais Drive and Highway 101 in Corte Madera, making for a scenic route back from Tiburon. The Marin County-run park features 19 acres of lawn and picnic area, leading down to a sandy beach. A long pier extends over the bay. Note: Admission charged for day use.

Bike: Blue & Gold Fleet passengers from San Francisco can bring bikes across to ride around in Marin. See TH22, Blackies Pasture. Also see Richardson Bayfront, TH21, for connections to other Marin destinations.

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