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Pony Sleds

Yakut ponies can travel in -60° F weather with no difficulty, since they are both genetically adapted and physically conditioned to extreme conditions. They are able to carry a load of two hundred to three hundred pounds thirty to forty miles a day. This is a cardinal fact in local human society, as the villages are spaced exactly this distance apart. The driver sits on the sled and guides it using two big leather straps that act as reins. By pulling back on them, he can make the ponies walk backward.

The Sled and Harness

The Yakut all use this simple and efficient type of harness, which, like the sled, is made of wood and leather.


The pole fits into a notch.

The collar is adjusted lost. You brace yaur foot against it to fasten it.

The sled’s runners ore generally made of steel and the ponies’ shoes are hobnailed to give them traction on the ice.

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