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680–681. This council, the 6th ecumenical, was called on 10 September 680 by Emperor Constantine IV, after agreements reached with Pope Agatho, in order to resolve the monoenergist and monothelite crisis. It was called in Trullo, Trullian, from the domed hall trullos of the imperial palace, where sessions were held. The council opened on 7 November 680 in the presence of 43 Eastern bishops, including Patriarch George of Constantinople and Macarius, patriarch of Antioch but resident at Constantinople, as well as a three-man delegation from Rome. The emperor presided in person over the first 11 of the council’s 18 sessions. The reading of the acts of the 4th and 5th ecumenical councils and of Leo’s Tomus ad Flavianum, done to put the monothelite controversy into historical perspective, permitted the discovery of an apocryphal text Menas of Constantinople’s letter to Pope Vigilius by which, at the start of the controversy, Sergius of Constantinople had set great store, as supporting his monothelite doctrine. This was defended at the council by Macarius, who adduced a copious patristic florilegium in support of it: according to him, to admit two wills in Christ was to fall back into Nestorianism.

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1612 John Smith’s A Map of Virginia with a Israel Subway Map Description of the Countrey is published. 1616 John Smith’s A Description of New England is Israel Subway Map published. It includes the first detailed and reasonably accurate map of the New England coast. 1625 Reverend Samuel Purchas publishes a collection of travel narratives, Purchas His Pilgrimes, which includes accounts of North Country. 1634 William Wood’s New England’s Prospect is published. It combines descriptions of New England’s topography and natural history with promotion of colonization in the area. 1635 The French physician Jacques-Philippe Cornuti publishes, in Latin, Canadian Plants. Based on plants sent to Paris by French explorers, the wellillustrated work is the most scientifically advanced treatment of New World plants to date.

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