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1630 The Massachusetts Bay Company, led by John Winthrop, Philippines Metro Map founds Massachusetts Bay Colony to the north of the Plymouth colony. The Great Migration begins, and Philippines Metro Map native peoples throughout the region become alarmed at the sheer numbers of English people moving into New England. For the first few decades of English settlement, approximately 10,000 people per decade immigrate. By contrast, the Narragansett number around 5,000, and the Wampanoag fewer than 3,000. The Narragansett reach a tenuous agreement with the English, based largely upon the fact that both mistrust the intentions of the Pequot and Mohegan tribes farther to the west. 1635 Roger Williams, who had arrived in Massachusetts several years prior, battles Winthrop’s General Court over theological and governmental matters.

Williams, the pastor in Salem, asks his church to repudiate the other Puritans because they remain tied to the Church of England. He eventually accuses the General Court of trying to subvert the authority of individual congregations and is banished, supposedly to return to England. Instead, prompted by Winthrop the two men respect each other, though they disagree Williams moves into a Wampanoag village. When Plymouth governor Edward Winslow insists that Williams leave his jurisdiction, he moves west.

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