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Moreover, in the resulting “Easter table,” the insertion of the embolismic months caused, at the end of a cycle, a further displacement between the cycle of lunar years and the cycle of solar years, which had to be corrected by a periodic increase of the epact. By “epact” was meant the excess days of the solar year over the lunar year, or the age of the moon on 1 January of each year. The periodic increase of the epact was called a saltus lunae. The Easter tables of the Roman tradition also indicated the concurrentes, i.e. the conventional figures used by computists to determine on what day of the week each year would begin. 1. The first systematic Easter computus was that proposed by Hippolytus of Rome in his work Apodeixis chronon tou pascha, whose Easter table is incised on the base of a statue found at Rome in 1551.

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MODERN STOPPERS: CORK, PLASTIC, AND SCREWCAPS It’s an Pittsburgh Subway Map ancient question: What is the best way to close a wine bottle? Since the late 1600s Pittsburgh Subway Map , vintners have largely chosen stoppers made from cork tree bark. These time-tested closures usually provide an effective seal, potentially lasting as long as thirty years or more. At the same time, they are elastic and compressible, which allows for easy extraction. Many wine aficionados associate cork stoppers with a hallowed ritual, using corkscrews or other devices to remove the cork and launch the wine appreciation experience. Corks, however, are not perfect stoppers. In past years, statistics estimated that nearly 20 percent of wine bottles were damaged by cork problems, chiefly from cork taint.

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