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Your sea walk ends here, so pause and enjoy one Portugal Subway Map last look at the sea, with Rye Harbour Nature Reserve to your left and the fine cliffs Portugal Subway Map you have tramped earlier to your right. Then, having bidden farewell to the sea, go down the steps to join Dogs Hill Road, which you follow away from the shore, keeping an area of green to your right.

For a short period this was, surprisingly enough, a harbour for shipping, having been trumpeted as ‘a new harbour for Rye’ because the silting of the existing Rye Harbour was threatening trade.

The new harbour was opened in July 1787 after very considerable investment of time, money and manpower, but by November of that year the entrance was blocked with shingle and became unusable. Continue along Dogs Hill Road; as you reach the T-junction at its end, note the pretty brick-built church of St Richard just to the left. Over the road at the T-junction are some useful amenities including a convenience store and a restaurant.

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