Ramon Romero Trip Leader to Spain

Hi I’m Ramon Romero from this pain. I’m a program director on his pains cultural capitals.

I was boring Ellen and I saw this see for the first time when I was pretty old. I was years old.

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I still remember this moment. So when we rode to Valencia remind me these days the Minturn is very important for our way of living for all these pioneers the sea of the old continent with all the cultures with all the F civilization sail across, it’s very interesting to travel in this country. Because every single city’s got a different history all interconnected but very very different one place from the other Spain is a large country, and we have cities that have background from the Arabs or the city’s hub background from the Romans, and all the city’s hub background from the from the Phoenicians for example to the sea the sea the mountain river there moving from ad rate we go to Valencia Valencia is very different than Madrid, and it’s also very different than Barcelona they have the biggest fireworks in the in the world, it’s very very impressive, it’s only one day but they keep work in the whole year round you know to burning in only hours we stopped in a place on the way to Barcelona colin taylor gonna the trouble is see one of the most beautiful Roman theaters that we have in Spain, it’s very interesting for them to connect with the past with a history of more than, years ago porcelain is not only important.

Because of the olympic games in what makes the city well known over the world but also, it’s a city full of life mediterranean life a lot of character, and in beautiful monuments like for example Sagrada Familia the masterpiece of antonio del d come, and join us on spain cultural capitals three cities that will stay in your mind forever you.

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