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By midday the air was warmer and there were frequent dust China tourism commercial -storms. On a detour around an impassable section of road we went a few miles China tourism commercial , then the bus-driver stopped and began scanning the horizons, clearly lost. To all sides were the hummocky remains of a forest. A couple of men climbed on to the roof to look for tracks and after an hour of trial and error we found the route again. At a couple of small oases we halted to have lunch, or drink tea and refill our water bottles. Playing cards is a favourite oasis pastime, and gambling used to be compulsive, but it was made illegal.

The Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society members. L to R: Tim, Lance. Michelle, Ryan, Matt and Brad.

This group also used Faraday cages for their audio recorders. A Faraday cage is a mesh container, made of a conducting material like metal or copper, into which the recorder is placed. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electric fields eliminating radio signal interference.

In the basement a fairly new piece of equipment was going to be tested. It was designed by UPPRS on the premise that spirits communicate by drawing energy from sources that generate electromagnetic fields. What they built was a mobile device, connected to its own power source that created a strong energy field. A video recorder was positioned near by in case a spirit did materialize.

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