Grand Canyon of China

Hello guys I am in the town of mingzhou in Thai home Grand Canyon, and in this post, I’m going to show you. But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s starts post driving right now through these mountains I am so excited yeah I like in love with this place already, and I haven’t even got no car unit add to the canyons right now you have to take a bus, and robust, and right now all of the Nerds were mad, and we were yelling like why are there. So many cars, and no one is there like some 20 buses over there. But I guess I right now this lady is making one of the other tourists how terrible this place a doctor is a high standard after the protest they see. So bring like for like or more buses now we drive optimist just got off the bus, and this is where we find ourselves awesome reoccupied requests chemo mountains are just surrounding us all these people are fighting a waterfront war, and we’re like trying to run away from them. But they keep like going where we are and, I’m trying not to get my camera’s lens every time we job is like oh no they’re coming oh my gosh we are going to go up the stairs on the milk let’s go a dream you whisper oh yeah Oh oh my gosh sorta oh, I’m just. So excited is prime tire up all these stairs there are more stairs continuing these views are just. So incredible we know in some places you see photos online you think they’re obviously photo shops the water can’t actually be that bright, and the trees.

Grand Canyon of China Photo Gallery

So colorful, and everything. So gorgeous. But this is actually exactly how it looks the colors are so vivid, and everything is just. So so incredibly gorgeous there are so many stairs this trees testified, and then it goes off, and then if you have great oh we are following out this is so freakin gender don’t do that don’t do that seems dozens, and dozens of waterfalls today this one close to the end might be even more beautiful than all the others we just get on bugs we’re going to go to the Thai home yes always I am in the mountain now we’re driving in a cloud hold its turn from taking a break from the drive through the mountains to stop, and it is so indescribable I don’t even know it okay go have a work thing we are in the cloud right now you can’t even see look at this mountain behind me just disappears into the clouds the road down there epic or did you survive okay our bus is leaving. So we got to go stopped again there’s actually fields, and fields of wildflowers here I don’t know where everyone else went, I’m the only one it’s so high up, and it’s an all glass floor if I jump my camera jumping we are so high up gotten back down by mountain Jason thinks it’s funny that I keep saying that why that it’s so epic and.

So something I just have been very excited about this whole to new things. But yeah say bye to the mountain high mountain.

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