Maldives of Malaysia Perhentian Islands

We saw you like an hour ago having drinks at the sky bar in KL, and now with the craziness of the bus terminal which it’s great it has an airport I was just expecting to just go to a parking lot, and jumping on the button for this is literally the size of the term Airport, and it is so organized I mean it’s up here we bought our tickets online you literally go into the check-in gate like earth airplane, and this is where we going guys we’re doing anything cool I love the suit koala Baloo from there we’re catching a ferry. So it leaves a 9 33 17 okay 17 this is going to be our home for the next 10 hours yeah this is cold hi you guys it’s really 9:30 you see in the morning 2000 years later all right guys it is like just after 5:00 a.m. we are currently walking around koala bear suit this place is dead.

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But this is the jetty where you need to catch to go to the Corinthian Islands, and I think, I’ll both leaves at 8:00 a.m. So just kind of hanging out till they’re wash-ups in – very good are you guys lost what are you doing where’s mom just trying to catch up on some sleep alrighty guys it is 7 a.m. now. But I starting to get a bit of life it also means some of the cafe’s are starting to open she decided to leave our little bench go find a toilet, and also maybe get some coffee. So out of it right now few minutes ago I just woke up off my bench, and I actually fell asleep which is nice, and then I went to see even widen your pants on, and I just Eddie had pants on I don’t know what I was thinking, and suddenly 2 minutes later, I’m sitting here with a coffee and, I’m really alike tell us about a dream, I’m all day I don’t even know where I was what’s going on here look where’s my fairy where’s my boat sweet Cheers if the Sun is rising our boat has arrived, and we’re ready for an adventure too early why are you raining no dice is hardly showered cuddling on that, and then I was like yes let’s get off let’s get ready let’s explore the island, and it is pouring down with rain, and the sky is currently gray, and I heard thunder we’re not having much luck we’re currently checked into our volunteer house this is where we are staying there’s like a bunch of bunk beds or we’re staying in this one, and then we have life, and that’s.

Because the multis can get quite crazy here on the island we’ve heard yeah we’re bunk buddy see my buddies, and then through here is like a bathroom, and stuff yeah we do have plans to go explore the island also we haven’t eaten since last night. So I think we’re going to go out, and find some lunch regardless of the weather. But it is storming remember that time you were like let’s go out let’s buy the drone yeah are you feeling a bit more refresh yeah don’t like me yeah you look like you’ve just woken up ha ha welcome to the beautiful ring sea, and islands everyone they told us it never rains here oh here if you wanted to know what Island were on we found out here for the frisian islands, and then surely like major ones a small one in a big one, and we’re, I’m small long. But it does look oh my gosh please can we get some Sun this week. So you can show you how beautiful it slices. So tropical very it looks like a literally a mango tree right there ok guys it is finally stopped raining which means we might just go for a little quick village tour to show you around actually on the hunt for some bottled water you can never be too careful specially. Because we’re not on the mainland Malaysia mostly just to like brush our teeth.

Because we just like we just can’t get sick we’re here for like a week we’re posting some posts, and if one of us is knocked out there wouldn’t be button. So we’ve been pretty good we’ve actually we’ve never gotten sick on a trip before I feel like eating veggies, and then having like bottled water has prevented us from not getting sick that’s a little tip for you guys they have a primary school. But once you’re too old you have to either go to the mainland to continue studies. But they were saying a lot of people just drop out of school, and just go, and work on the island this is the sad also how much does the malaysian flag look like the american flag just minus the fifty three stars all those colors yeah your characters living on the small island all locals here there’s a couple of resorts. But if you are like, I’m coming to the preteen island you go to the big island. So currently at the village on the small island, and that my friends is the big island also food court local style dinner sounds like a plaintiff I like the 72 hours the bit hazy. Because we haven’t slept yet.

But for about 72 hours being here in Malaysia everything’s super nice super smiley as well, and just going out of the way to make sure that we were happy I mean having oppressive human flesh. But we have come out to our food court to Denis cafe s30 like a fresh juices $1 trillion they think have like a lot of western food, and Malaysian food. But speaking with a Malaysian food I want to trade for things all suggested you were to pay for fruit juice with this you, and Australia like it oh my goodness. Because it’s so good we would like some veggies in some yellow coconut milk please please Island can you give us some good weather over the next few days by the way how much does this island look like it’s the island from lost, and I think you like to smoke monster or something to good weather guys look what we just saw oh my goodness that is you know like a monitor either nobody’s going house I almost feel like this is my new postging setup I will be honest with you guys it has been several days since we last spoke to you we have been stuck in our humble abode. Because just an insane storm has been ravaging this village for the last couple of days. But it is a beautiful day the sun is shining, and we’re going to show you how beautiful in honor of today’s beautiful weather we are jumping on a little local boat, and we’re going to head over to Big Island’s do some snorkeling handsome exploring probably the most local boat you could pick up yep thank you whoa welcome to paradise everyone we’ve just caught the little local boat across the island we’ve been blessed with some Sun, I’m so happy it is seriously paradise this island like we were just like bleached coral that most has died asam’s me just like in cool little trinkets that wow this island is so beautiful you could almost call us the melodies of Malaysia when we told everyone that will come into the BP an island they just kept raving on about it, and I think I believe them why the waters are just.

So Balu try it Oh we’ve arrived at the total project here in March. So the total season actually hasn’t begun yet at the moment we are currently fretting for the total season it’s expected to start in about a month maybe two months time. So at the moment we are on big islands, and when it’s total season the really cool thing is. Because we’re currently seen on little island at the village. But if it’s turtle season you can come here this is a kitchen you’ve got accommodation here bathroom toilets, and you come, and actually camp er which is really cool when prepping for turtle season it’s actually clear off the beach. So a lot of rubbish gives you washed up onto the shore which has been unfortunate. Because there are locals which need to be educated about the ocean in a beautiful habitat that shouldn’t be littered it seems that there’s been a bit of a shipwreck yeah which is kind of cool I don’t think they’re going to clean this up I think they’re just going to leave it it’s now just part of the island yeah, and then on top of that we need to clear the deborah’s.

Because there are some snakes. So if you guys are a little bit of snake afraid of snakes you might need to watch out by the way guys I wish you were here for turtle season. Because how much is this like paradise you just stay here in the forest, and you wake up to these incredible crystal blue waters, and just like a few weeks assisi littered with the turtles coming to lay their eggs I wish we were just here to reap laid off we took a shout the world can’t get out of I get out of it on optical in the house I got ya prettiest town Oh.

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