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It’s my last continent as it is with a lot of other people.

I think, it’s a lot of people’s life screen who are travelers to finally get you it is a significant risk for me. So a trip of a lifetime, it’s a matter of fulfilling a dream, and was on my bucket list when I was growing up he thought you’d get some places someday but never in my wildest dreams that.

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I think. I would get to impart if it was too far-fetched to impossible, and he real when I first arrived on board the cruise ship.

I was quite surprised because. I wasn’t expecting such a luxury ship. So it was a very pleasant surprise when we walked in, and saw our cabins, and what was what was going to take place for the next two weeks or days.

I certainly fell into the groove very quickly, and enjoyed the you here you pristine environments lots of wildlife the biggest thing. I expect is to learn about life in the Antarctica the animals what kinds of animals really looking forward to the lectures, and learning about more than just the animals with everything around here just know Robert. I expect to see a lot of penguins, and a lot of sea mammals of various sizes, and types, and we just want to see the continent we see the land of ice life is made of memories and This is what going to be a great memory for both of us that’s gonna be special something we’ll always remember, it’s our first trip after get it together our seventh trip.

We’ve been very pleased with Grand Circle they take good care of you get to see different things that you don’t normally get to see when you’re travelling. We’ve enjoyed traveling within a lot. How do you feel. I feel pretty good.

I kinda feel like a snowman welcome to Antarctica but just a non-material attention before you disembark we have plenty of young penguins down here on the beach there all of the staff very kind very caring very helpful doing whatever we needed making it easy for us to get in, and out of the zodiacs that’s been great all right everybody to disembark places like on forward swing your legs looking towards the driver’s side on both sides of this audience. I think the trip leaders are great as far as the expedition team there’s nothing you can ask them that they don’t seem to have an answer for. I don’t know what.

I expected but. This is way better way better all. I am thinking is easy to, and it is easy that which is nice unbelievable we are the luckiest people ever look at these guys my first impression made me.

I was speechless, and then the little penguins decided to try, and carry off my walking stick eat my boots, and pick up my bag, and it was just amazing. I could. I could stay here a week.

So if You’ll notice we are all staying at least feet away from the Penguins. Because that is our rules, and regulations here on shore but every now, and then we get some of the chicks who don’t like to pay attention to the rules, and they will come up to us, and very very rarely you will get one who gets very comfortable, and decides to sit down like this one here has done, and nestled in to someone’s leg well.

Because we can’t disturb the penguin she’s sort of stuck in this position now until this penguin decides to wake up from its nap, and go off to find its cares yeah she’s a human pillow now you was wonderful it was. So good. I’m in the last boat back, it’s excellent uh the staff is goes out of their way to take care of you.

I have really enjoyed this ship, it’s much more lovely, and well-appointed than. I expected the food has been outstanding, and the staff has been absolutely wonderful. I expect ice, and snow, and rocks, and Gentoo penguins by the thousands, and a good time will be had by all why do you SPECT you see today.

I show. I hope to see lots, and lots, and lots of seals because. I’ve only seen a few folks this morning we have a historical area with a lot of whale bones, and this whale boat out here.

So, it’s been some time just enjoying that afterwards if you learn to walk, and have a look from the other side of the hill to the abandoned station, and released a following there’s no path at all times, it’s much better in person than on the pictures that you see it is just spectacular yeah. How do you feel. I feel wonderful. I feel absolutely wonderful.

I have special along with later you do yes special longley. This is a trip of a lifetime, and it was, it’s way more doable than. I imagined so.

I think anybody who wants to come to Antarctica should his other benders have the trip but. This is the one. I like to go with because.

I have a lot of confidence in you know grand circle a lot of people say when they hear you’re going to Antarctica saying why are you going there, and it’s hard to explain to them if they have if that’s their question the scenery is. So breathtaking there cannot be anything like this in the world we’ll begin when Osiris then fly to Osho aya the world’s southernmost city before commencing our Antarctic expedition our cruise takes us through the Beagle Channel, and beyond Tierra del Fuego to the Drake Passage, and route to the world of rugged islands, and icebergs at the bottom of the world our crews will then feature a selection of Antarctic highlights for example we may visit deception island Port Lockroy, and Paradise Harbor before returning to eschew bye you.

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