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Hey My name is Joey are coming from Paris, and program directors, and Rancic our Cruise Line on st. Paris to nominee France. This is where.

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I’ve been living on my life longer and I’ve been growing up in Montana’s Manasseh which is a little bit south of Paris the village of Colville is your mayor of course in Normandy is very special to me. This is a had many American people that came over there to save France, and we learn a lot with the people that we are traveling with you know when we tried to share as well or experience we remind the people that there was not an one single French family that was not affected of course by those events one memories that. I would keep forever and I think all the travelers as well will have it in the mind.

This is just when we were along the road you know, and suddenly what did is he arriving was a total foster. I mean we just have been stopping the bus over there as soon as we could you know the total phosphorous, it’s more than an event it is a religion. This is where father, and mothers bring us and This is where we will bring our children as soon as we observe you know my favorite destination is Shivani with the hours of Claude Monet’s beautiful garden with thousands of flowers around in the art of Normandy the village is very special very charming, and every time we bring travelers we have many many things to share together especially the women travelers but as well the men are very always very fascinated but all they can find.

Because they don’t expect it. I really look forward to welcoming you in France. So come on with us you.

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