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The monumental inscriptions of the popes 16th- 17th c. along with a type of devotional literature that is popular even today 19th c. see O’Reilly, are other manifestations of this link. As for the so-called martyrs of the Colosseum, leaving aside the apologetic dissertations written from the 18th to the early 20th c. see Delehaye; Gori; Leclercq; Lugari; Marangoni; Martigny; Rovira which claimed to offer information affirming or denying their historicity, we believe that some historical basis must be admitted, handed down not only through texts but also in the cult including elements such as relics and churches, in archaeological evidence, and in citations in other historical sources see Grabar; Sicari. We can thus think of the group of martyrs of the Colosseum as a symbolic unit with a specific role and a clear popularity within the Christian tradition see Beaujard-Pr©vot. Besides Gaudentius, the hypothetical architect who built the Flavian amphitheater according to the inscription found in the cemetery of S. Agnese on the Via Nomentana in the 17th c.: Sic premia servas, Vespasiane dire Civitas ubi gloriae tue autori Premiatus es morte Gaudenti letare Promisit iste, dat Kristus omnia tibi Qui alium paravit theatrum in coelo see Colagrossi, 285-333 the group of the martyrs of the Colosseum consists of Alexander Mart. rom. 21 September; BHL 273, Almachius or Telemachus Mart. rom. 1 January; Theodoret, Historia Ecclesiastica V, 26, the 260 soldiers AASS 1 March, Eleutherus AASS 18 April; BHL 2451ff. Eustace and companions Mart. rom. 20 September; BHL 2760ff. Ignatius of Antioch Mart. rom. 17 October; BHL 4255ff. and Prisca Mart. rom. 18 January; BHL 6926.

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When visitors open the door, they depart the historic Old Richmond Metro Map California vibe and step into a friendly, contemporary world in which winemaker Larry Schaffer presents a fresh Richmond Metro Map , unpretentious approach to wine tasting. Schaffer entered the winemaking business relatively recently. He and his wife, Christie MacDonald, a physical therapist, had met as undergraduates at the University of California, Davis. Schaffer subsequently transferred to U.C. Berkeley and earned a bachelor’s degree in business.

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