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A group of Amsterdam merchants, organized as the New Netherland Company, receives a charter from the States-General of the Dutch Republic granting a monopoly for four fur-trading voyages to the recently explored area of the Hudson River. Lexington-Fayette Map The profitable venture, which includes the establishment of a permanent trading post at Fort Nassau (south of present-day Albany), increases interest in the area among Dutch merchants.

The Spanish king, Philip III, requires, on pain of death, that all Spanish colonial export tobacco be shipped to Seville. The problems this creates for the Spanish tobacco trade help open the door for exports from the Chesapeake. The earliest exports of tobacco from Virginia are recorded. The first saltworks in the British Country colonies is established in Virginia. 1619 The first slave ship to arrive in British North Country lands at Jamestown. The Dutch vessel sells twenty African slaves to the colonists, who treat the slaves similarly to indentured servants. 1620 The first tannery in the British North Country colonies is founded at Jamestown.

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