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The church, with a spire that is an impressive landmark Riverside/San Bernardino Subway Map for miles around, has late-thirteenth-century features, while the upper floor of the Riverside/San Bernardino Subway Map early-sixteenth-century timber-framed cottage called The Lychgate in fact extends above the church lychgate.

Among the best houses in the main street, besides Pooh Corner, are the sixteenth-century Hay Wagon Inn, where we begin, and the seventeenth-century Stairs Farmhouse that was owned by Adam Faith in the 1970s. Proceed northwards from the village store, following the main street.

Having left the shops and pubs behind, the main road bends right but your way is straight on along the road signposted Edenbridge. The road goes downhill, and then rises to cross a bridge. Having descended with the road you do not ascend with it, but fork right onto a paved path that goes down to the Forest Way, the course of an old railway.

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