Salvation Army Thrift Store US Map & Phone & Address

Salvation Army Thrift Store US Map & Phone & Address

• 26 West St. Boston; (617)695-0512

• 328 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 354-9159

• 727 Memorial Dr. Cambridge;(617) 547-9668

• And other suburban locations Like Goodwill, the Salvation Army has taken a step up in the thrift world by adding its boutique-style Downtown Crossing mega-store. At the front there are fancy dresses, leather coats (for $8.99!), and even some new buyouts, like a batch of imported Italian wool women’s blazers for just $6 each.

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Further in, there are racks and racks of shirts, pants, suits, skirts, and coats, most in fairly good condition. Lots of everything to browse through, and the prices can’t be beat Jeans for $5. Men’s trousers, two pair for $8.99. Three-piece suits, $20. Shoes and boots from $4 to $10 a pair. A ladies’ Oscar de la Renta sweater, with a sporty nautical look, was seen for $7.99. Downstairs, check out the “Toddlers” department.

A separate room has furniture, well-used, but not terribly so; easy chairs are $25 to $50. Plus the usual housewares and small appliances. Meanwhile, every Wednesday and Thursday, clearance clothing items are tagged at 50% off; if they’re still around, these sell for 500 on Friday and Saturday.

Of course, the Army’s other outposts continue to sell good ol’ supercheap clothing. Rummage through the racks and tables of jeans for $2, shirts for $1.50, jackets for $5, men’s suits for $10, and the like. Some toys and furnishings here, too.

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