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404 Harvard St. Brookline; (617) 232-2424 Owned by the folks who run Chinatown’s all-vegetarian favorite, Buddha’s Delight, this recent arrival outside of Coolidge Comer focuses on the full range of Cambodian and Asian cuisine. The results are just as wonderful.

Like its sibling, AW offers lots of vegetarian fare, including meat dishes in which wheat gluten and tofu play pretend. But you can also get the real thing, along with seafood, soups, noodles, and much more. In fact, the huge menu actually boasts a table of contents, divided into two dozen categories.

Fried dumplings, $3.95, are a unique variation on Peking ravioli. Filled with pork and onion and loosely wrapped, they are fresh and yummy. Nearly twenty traditional Viet soups, all $4.50, will stuff you silly. Mine enjoyed a tasty vermicelli platter a bowl of thin, delicate noodles, piled on with bean sprouts, scallions, greens, a chopped peanut sauce, and grilled beef also $4.50.

Shrimp and pork specialties, along with some of the veggie entrees, come in a bit higher ($6-$8); these are still amazing prices. But with so many choices under six bucks, plus a pleasant atmosphere and courteous service, Angkor Wat feels like a princely meal for us paupers. Open noon to 10 P.M. seven days (Friday and Saturday nights til 11 p.m.).

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