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The remainder of our time on the third floor was uneventful, and we headed down to the level below us, turning right off the stairway. This route takes you past the historical plaque of Allegan County sheriffs and the row featuring some of their portraits. I glanced at the pictures, my eyes momentarily stopping on the portraits of Sheriffs Pratt, Grover and Stratton.

(L) Benjamin Pratt, sheriff twice, between 1847 and 1857; (R) Jacob Grover, sheriff from 1859 to 1861.

Courtesy of Old Allegan JAiL Museum

Benjamin Pratt was sheriff decades before the current jail museum was built, serving from 1847 to 1849 and again from 1853 to 1857. A great, white beard consumed his face, and his eyes stared out from the portrait with a blank, glazed expression.

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