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For the recommended route to Monte Facho and the Pedras Santas, return to the access track (300 m) and turn right and continue down for a further 300 m and turn up left onto a wide grass slope that climbs steeply up for 400 m to:

You now have 2 alternative options to return to the town centre. Either of which might be preferable if visibility is poor. [1] Make your way back to via the RadioI TV mast and asphalt road. A distance of a full 5.5 km. [2] Make your way back down the grassy slope (400 m) [assuming you came up this recommended path that avoids the unsightly T.V. access] to the dirt track. Turn left for 50 m and take the right hand fork that runs more or less along the contour for 600 m to pass the towns main water supply. Turn off left just beyond it onto a narrow path through felled woodland for 200 m past the old pump station (ruins) to rejoin the main road 100 m above the church of Santa Maria. A total distance of 2.2 km back to the Refugio.

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From here (at the Pedras Santas) there are several tracks down to the outer or western seashore (Praia do Mar de Fora). Most are overgrown so the descent is not for the faint hearted. However, the beach is clearly visible (providing the sea mist hasn’t rolled in from the Atlantic) so you shouldn’t get lost. Recommended Route: Make your way back down the grassy slope (400m) to the dirt track below. Turn left for 50m and continue on around to the left (ignoring the alternative right hand track described at [2] above) for 300m. You now leave the main path (it veers back sharp left) and take the narrow laneway ahead which drops down steeply towards Insua. It is, supposedly, the old Roman access way to Monte Facho and is certainly lined with old stone walls and base. You emerge after 400m by a derelict farmyard. If the path to the left is impassable make your way through the derelict buildings veering left back onto the path (Don’t take the path to the right of the buildings). Continue straight on for 100m into A Insua (passing road to the right). Turn left at small concrete parking area onto narrow footpath (passing the Fonte Cardal on your right – 50m off the path) and continue for 200m turning left onto main beach path. It is now only 300m to the ridge above the beach. Make your way down to the delightful windswept sand and ocean.

From here there are again several ways back to the town centre and the albergue. The most direct route is via the hamlet of A Insua (now effectively a suburb of Finisterre). Make your way back along the path you came down but keeping straight on (300m) at the turning (left). 150m further on turn up to right of new house (Prado do Raio). Continue for another 150m and turn left onto asphalt road that winds its way for 400m to main roundabout by primary school. Turn down by Hostal Rivas (opposite) and make your way into the Centro Urbano for a final 200m to:

There are a number of shorter variations on the main theme described above. These might be useful if you want to revisit any one of the above sites.

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