San Francisco Map Location

San Francisco Map Location

San Francisco Vista Grande Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking for a unique way to see San Francisco, why not check it out from the sky? I’m going to try that today, on a helicopter. We’re taking off right now, here we go! Oh my gosh, we’re coming right in over the beach. It’s crazy to see how big Golden Gate Park actually is.

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The large Curved, stone cave building is the Palace of Fine Arts exploratorium. And agreeing you’re ahead of us and sitting to our right is the Presidio. And that’s AT&T Park. Someone just scored a homerun. Well, when the weather cooperates as it is today, we like to offer something unique in our business that’s ability to fly both under and over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Oh my gosh, we are about to go underneath the Golden Gate Bridge! whoo hoo! Not too many people can say they’ve done that before. No, no and now we’re going to go over! Whoo hoo! Most people have not been in helicopters. So this sense of excitement, some anxiety, but they’re quickly overcome by the beauty and sensation of flying in a helicopter. Alcatraz! Oh wow, we get to go over the Bay Bridge as well.

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And to our left a great shot of the Embarcadero. San Francisco really has something you can see in every direction. Absolutely. This is so incredible. And with that I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for flying with us today. Hope you’ve enjoyed your flight. All right, we’re landing.

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I definitely recommend it to anybody else who comes to San Francisco. I would do the helicopter tour again. Yeah. That was wild. My first time in a helicopter and I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, went over it and under it. The Bay Bridge, we saw San Francisco from up above. That was more incredible than I could ever expect that it would be. Let me hear you shout.

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