Now we’re hungry I think we should intrude what do you think Jess every sin that post of The Simpsons where its least searches a lizard about a lizard, and she’s like this just like I mean, I’m losing me what are you cooking for us in this fire, and day not the best day cuz I don’t know if you guys heard yesterday were saying that we’ve decided yesterday we’re gonna have our relaxed day. But it was sunny, and we had to do shopping. So today we flipped is gonna be our relaxed day. So technically we should have done the Q, and Q, and a yesterday I don’t think we’ve ever really done a love where we haven’t got anything planned for the day zero plan for today sorry come see what we do on a day, and all day. So first thing we do on a day when we don’t have to do anything is wake up really late 1:30, and then spend way too long alarm Alfred and. So we finally get hungry crawl out of bed, and try, and find that is the easiest thing to cook to feed us. So this morning we have bagels.

HOW WE AFFORD A LIFE OF TRAVEL Vancouver Canada Photo Gallery

But now hungry we’re making some burgers well Chester’s making some burgers just took the trash out cold out there my feet feel frozen a zippleback on Mount Rainier I speaking Aranea it’s raining outside. So it’s not like we can take you guys anywhere how’s America’s there looking yummy thank you it’s a juice, and then what’s all that’s done we could get to post, and it is 4:30 p.m. we’re just still working on some little projects, and yesterday’s post is still uploading, I’m so sorry guys like look at this five hundred fifty twenty minutes to upload, and it’s 4:00 p.m. I’m really sorry guys Internet’s just not that good at this place hopefully it’s not too much of a problem. Because we are here for quite some time oh how are you guys going like what are you guys from being lot awesome to know which city which country you guys are from.

So we can you know learn a bit more about you guys what do you think yes yeah still don’t feel like I’ve had my killed a today I got just kind of just did a bit of work edited the post which took a few hours, and then we ate then took my phone, and then you know we didn’t if you need to get satisfied from relaxing I’d like to say you watch like a TV show you much like a movie like, I’m good. But for some reason when, I’m on my phone I think it’s just the like you know Twitter, and Facebook like that those infinity networks where you just constantly checking that this just no satisfaction it’s just one dark deep hole should say satisfaction deep hole this go away too many ways for hours no. So I looked in the mirror oh I look bad another over. So people it is 7:30 at night, and we have been busy organizing stuff do like activities to do during our Tommy Thank You of us. So we promise that there’s only going to be probably a few more days left of boring at home messy hair nobody this is what happens after like day one, and not doing anything very crazy the first things a little funny games yeah time off let’s sleep let’s relax it’s an update to and, I’m like oh my god what are we doing what are we doing what should we do it’s raining outside. But, I’ll go anywhere what do we do what should we do yes yeah. So we have like I need you like moment will I need to do something.

But not what organizers have to do we have to entertain our viewers, and themselves. So we just went crazy for the last two hours looking for things to do. So we’ve organized the plan, and also we found a couple of free things we can do as well say we are gonna rip in that door will actually leave the house it may be raining. But it won’t stop us we haven’t even seen me through the city at front please whoa you said the weather’s gonna be good on the weekend yeah. But now say it’s raining that’s great for me right we need a brave Dwayne. So dinner you know when you’re at home or day, and I we always seem to have like little snacks throughout the day. So not that hungry for dinner.

So I’ve just got some waffles which he just popped into well we’ve checked our stats. Because it’s like 18 to 24 year-olds, and then we also have some like 16 to 18 year olds, and washer watch ass for those younger people they probably think oh yeah this is what you do when you move out of homes yep it’s burgers waffles, and Fanta this isn’t don’t use this as an example oh no I guess this is like documenting now my final eNOS was to document at um after saluting home yes six weeks, and this is what’s happened. So far what force pizzas, and lots, and lots of activities, and we tried to fix it all in yeah, I’m excited definitely wanna know why definitely leaving the house tomorrow oh yeah I want you to tell me what things are like dinner oh thank you yummy today we’re gonna break this. So you decided to end the post a bit earlier tonight. So I can get it edited, and uploaded. Because it’s now 8 o’clock, and yesterday’s post is still not waiting for like hours, and hours I finished editing at lunchtime 12 p.m.

looks like eight out eight hours I think. Because we’ve also been working yeah like I have kind of left my laptop dedicated there. But we’ve still been researching, and using Jess’s laptop I guess if we do upload posts, and then uploaded them overnight yeah like they’ll be the first post like the one where’s like traveling to Canada in style we put that up I put that up at five o’clock at night, and then if went like that fight okay. So that’s fine. Because then I would make them on here yes some of you have been asking not necess on. But on our website yeah this is our number one question we get from our website Oh case how we afford to travel full time. So at the moment we can go for six weeks.

So yeah this is all we’ve learned from six weeks, and how we’ve done it. So far yeah. So honestly about a year ago 2018 February we finished University we start a full-time jobs, and we were like a month or two months into our full-time jobs, and we’re just like no we’re not ready to get the house we’re not ready to do full-time work or even have babies. So I didn’t put on like work a nine to five job, and that was it like I felt like I got stuck yeah I was like I don’t want to do this I don’t really want to work for a box yeah especially. Because it’s finished high school we finished we went straight into university which was five years mhm, and then was straight into work, and even though we did do holidays in between it it was always at the back of your mind was like university assignment work like it just wasn’t just relax yeah. So in February 2018 we decided we’re gonna do it, and we put quite strict rules, and also we ensure we could only spend $50 a week just saying we were earning I know five to six hundred a week maybe something around those fifty bucks a week, and that’s it, and then also my bills oh yeah besides like phone bill, and Carville, and fuel, and that was exploiting, and rent, and then it was 50 bucks. So we can we transfer everything to like a separate bank account which have no card attached what you couldn’t touch it pretty much the whole year.

So I would have a fifty years we spent them tough luck like you’d have to wait till the next week that’s really hard for a whole year, and both of us putting it into one account pretty much mmm saved up all this money, and then we we did pre book a lot of things. So accommodation for example this where we stain it was probably paid yeah we paid 10 months ago yeah we paid for our accommodation for the first six months of travel. So we knew like the money that we had was for food and. So what sort of took July. So worst-case scenario if the money dries up a lie its we’re gonna make it too. So that’s kind of like very bad the moment like we’ve still it’s going well yeah, and then how we’re doing what the tours is from flying – which is our travel blog which hopefully you guys have checked out I think most of you probably from there yeah a lot of people coming from my website. But a lot of people, and they’re also thinking have like people of watch our posts are like how are you doing all these activities, and that’s replying interest a little flying than destiny of my fingers that’s actually a website we run it’s not just pictures pretty much we use money we’ve saved, and our website to help us travel yeah lots of questions.

But really you have to save we are 24. So we did get over the night clubbing scene a few years back. So we did can’t have that out of our system which is going up to eat or going to a bar they’re going out clubbing yes we were in a relationship for our clubbing years a lot of people go clubbing you know we weren’t doing that I mean we did get over it quite quickly which is good. Because instead of instead of spending 200, and 300 bucks a week on booze, and taxis, and drinking we got to save that, and go traveling. Because we have trouble loving which we’ve been traveling together for 7 years 7 years now like every now, and then where this year’s like kind of been taken off as dedicated to travel for a whole year. So I suppose in terms of like actual tips you can check out our website we do have a section called travel tips, and there’s some money saving tips if you ever thought like how to do them if you guys do have any other questions you want us to like randomly answer throughout the week just tweet us you can email us. But it is a comment we can just do it between lunch, and say our crazy cat lady asked how much yeah that’s the epical I remember sorry to a point anywhere we thought we’d have a quick chat to you guys about that.

Because we really do, and it’s like a number one question is like delicious answer for you guys. Because we want everyone to travel it’s like the main reason we started this as well as just a document our first time like our first year out of home. But it’s also to inspire others to go would go out there are travel, and not just live them it’ll-it’ll the norm anymore, and do that identifier if you can you know save, and work hard you can go out, and travel. But I think that’s it for today, and I think we will go I want to go out, and do something tomorrow something even if we just go around the area, and show you guys like sorry really just oh yeah how about we do that tomorrow yeah look around local areas yeah I think we might head into Vancouver City on Friday we think you need to check out Vancouver city uh yeah alright guys thanks so much for sticking through this, and what believe all right you.

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