Come on guys we’re going to Niagara Falls live we’re running late.

So we’re not sure if we’re gonna catch the bus like mister we think we might miss the bus we’re gonna taxi coming now to come, and get us far I don’t know fingers crossed we made sure. So late alrighty it’s mentally three minutes ago, and we’re nearly there we made it to the bus on top of you next up Niagara Falls cheers come we’ve come to a winery that makes ice wine which is like frozen grapes, and they make wine pretty fancy we just finished up there we didn’t realize we’re gonna go to a wine tasting right probably looked into this yeah we pretty much just came here the wine tastes a bit sweet really sweet yeah. But it’s kind of cool how they make it out of frozen grapes you have to wait till December time they go out in the middle of the night. So they’re really frozen collect the grapes, and then they say one grape is only like two drops of the wines it’s like really difficult I guess swing. But um it was very very sweet, and we are very close to Niagara now he’s saying maybe 45 more minutes we’re saying yeah, and then we get to spend like 3 hours at Niagara, and then we get to go to the like the old town asleep yeah I stood off feeling the best yeah, and the weather’s been gloomy. But that’s ok you’re just about to Niagara I can see it a little tiny bit yeah we see like the little mist, and the place that is next to reminds me of Vegas yes Hershey world’s Hard Rock Cafe casinos at a next second that I thought it would just be some hotels. But it literally looks like Vegas will post it for you yes I want to go before we go to my greatest wanna go grab a coffee to wake up, and then we’ll go check out the falls buses make us sleepy yes it’s now like 12:30.


So we did leave a 10. So we had that stop over two, and a half hours to get yeah yeah let me get three hours here yes cool. So we can grab a coffee check out the Falls have some lunch walk around yes, and enjoy it, I’m excited I feel like we’re in a steampunk yeah got ourselves a cheeky cheeky breeky spice muffin Jessie’s to bake these all the time back home. So it’s not. So good you’re very dark, I’m sorry Todd the lighting yummy know how I feel with all that or today I mean it’s a little bit tacky I mean usually we’d like that type of stuff like in Vegas, and all that. But we have to see like a natural waterfall, and then that’s just kind of chucked on I don’t know what do you think yeah now walk into the polls, and we got a couple hours here. So we’re just going to walk around get some good photos, and enjoy the scenery, I’m still really excited we’re at the Falls now over that side is America there’s Buffalo, and that’s there they’re part of the Falls.

But we’re going over to the comedian’s side which I think personally looks way cooler. Because it’s actually got that bend, and it doesn’t have all these rocks in the way. So I could clear I think you actually see there’s so much water coming down, and there’s a giant Lake it also gets on fire. But it’s all like the mist coming from it. Because there’s so much water falling down it. So guys if you are going to come to Niagara Falls I highly suggest coming to the Canadian side instead of the American side or juicing I think. So when you see pictures of Niagara Falls I think you see pictures of the Horseshoe the Horseshoe kind of one me which is the Canadian one we’re gonna check it out you’re gone for a walk at the moment along along the side to get to this part of the forest he’s found a good little spot there to stand up is this trees annoying look at that all that mist that’s insane you can see a boat ride, and they’re about to go right into the mist we were thinking of doing it.

But we have so much camera gear I don’t know if it’ll be very good for all our camera gear plus we don’t know how much time now I don’t know how long it takes to get onto the boat, and everything we’ll miss our bus that looks really really cool though oh we got some trendsetters Maureen, and Craig 2008 sauna Lovelock this is really cool I love this part of the falls. So amazing even though it is so keeping interest out there like you guys just saw the it’s worth it’s company I would recommend going in one of those birthday. So looks pretty cool time now out there we couldn’t use do that happen at TVs you guys do you have to like organize it when you arrive straight y know I know it doesn’t mean like we need to realize that we can yeah, and if we went to me I know I was also the water looks like a vsco cam filter, I’m just doing it out there coloring is that all these breeds, and turquoises, and blues it’s so pretty I don’t really know if this camera picks it up. But um Steven easy a photograph heaven, and knew many loves it, and I felt that like first thing we did with show you oh there’s like evil seagulls wanting to a car I feel bad is the first time thing I showed you guys is a gimmick see the place was volunteer comes the falls. So beautiful Ruby come see the falls, and don’t go up the road oh no Arthur oh I don’t feel bad. Because I never knew that it was up there I swear a lot of people that come to Agra for words like don’t want to show you that, and all we want to show you everything oh yeah show you what it’s really like gimmicky Las Vegas up there I personally do not like it’s a Las Vegas with Timmy’s said on the falls are absolutely in credible the Canadian side it is better it is better trust us we’re experts now we’ve been here surveyed it to the tip of the pole Wow they you would not want to be caught in that you can just here just go.

So fast over the edge of the falls it’s incredible, I’m so glad we came here to the end definitely what worth the war coming all the way up it’s really awesome or hates a thing that power drenched everyone is on the boat I mean they’ve all got rain jackets on. But they go right into the mist, and it it looks like a storm pretty much when you go guys we’re looking at what the Americans can see, and I mean, I’m just taking a guess, and that’s the viewing platform there, and you always get like a side angle, and you don’t really get to see the main fall for been to Buffalo, and gone to that side of Niagara Falls are you guys disappointed my cows how was it is there anyone that’s been to both sides yeah tell us what you think in the comments below. Because, I’m really interested. Because the viewing platform doesn’t look that good on the American side I really do feel like you should come to Canada to get like the full Niagara experience all righty. So we just arrived at our last stop for the tour for the day it’s like quarter to five. So it’s actually quite late yes which means we’re quite hungry yeah we’re walking to Niagara Falls town which is a Heritage Site. So there should be some nice old buildings there’s they’re not allowed to actually touch the old buildings.

So everything looks the way it was when it first opened is anything which will be nice a little bit different to the other town of Niagara Falls that we were at before oh yes actually excited to go check out this part of my eyebrow she believed me Vickie hochi be a very light meal I would like a cool kind of place at cafe, and they sell Wolfgang just what store have you just noticed good just Christmas oh yeah feel like I suit this place beneath not too long until you can start doing this, I’m gonna have to get like a travel sized one for you this little town is so cute there’s buildings that I saw that were built in 1801, and they had photographs of what they looked like when they opened, and now, and they’re like identical is so cool how they let preserve this whole place for like. So long over 200 years, and it’s even now like it’s not rundown oh no no it’s so nice and. So well kept all the flowers, and looks like they really look after this area all right now we’re standing in front of take a really cool-looking Church 18 Wow it’s so cool I like this place a lot you know what, I’m talking about yeah it’s so much nicer Niagara Falls town notable post there’s about a half an hour drive away from the Falls sorry guys it’s called niagara-on-the-lake I know her I hope you enjoyed the Niagara Falls today we loved it it was really good I was just going through some footage before is the photographs, and I think it really showed up on the camera. So I think it was worth it going there even though it’s such a long day we ended up getting home with like 9 o’clock yeah thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow see you tomorrow bye.

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