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PUNTO DE VISTA/ PRAIA TALON Here (assuming reasonable visibility) you have an unrestricted view of both Cabo Finisterre (over to your right) and Monte Pindo straight ahead with an extensive wind farm stretching along its Southern flank. Cross over the main road (careful of traffic on the bend) just below the parking viewpoint and enter a narrow path above the isolated beach of Talon. This narrow path provides a [300m] respite from the busy main road which you rejoin for another [300m] to:


Follow the short [500m] concrete access road onto the beach. Here, perhaps, you collapse deliriously onto the [1.2 km] of dazzling white sand.

Along a beach of dazzling white sand we advanced towards the cape, the bourne of our journey it was upon this beach that, according to the tradition of all ancient Christendom,

Saint James, the patron saint of Spain, preached the gospel to the heathen Spaniards. ‘What is the name of this village?’ said I to a woman as we passed by five or six ruinous houses at the bend of the bay, ere we entered upon the peninsular of Finisterre, This is no village, said the Gallegan, this is a city, this is Duyo.’ So much for the glory of the world! These huts were all that the roaring sea and the tooth of time had left of Duyo, the great city! Onward now to Finisterre. From The Bible in Spain. George Borrow

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Take a swim or proceed determinedly towards your final destination? Either way you will need to ford the modest rio Grande that flows across the beach (on your right is the Duyo Valley) and a final [200m] up a short access road to:

First building you come to, located on the beach, is the barI restaurante Tira do Cordell, Baixamar. Within lies perhaps the most authentic mariscos gastronomic experience available to mere mortals. Select your own Vieira (Scallop/ CoquiUe San Jacques) symbol of your pilgrimage and grilled to perfection for your delectation. Expensive perhaps but simply the most exquisite to be found, anywhere! You emerge onto the main road beside a handsome cruceiro. From this elevated viewpoint perhaps take a look back over the sweeping curve of the Praia de Langosteira and the backdrop of mountains that brought you here.

From the Cruceiro follow the main road past the Hotel A Langosteira with bar next door. Continue straight on (where the main road veers right) to pass he offices of the Concello de Fisterra [400m]. The Council administers the Refugio and issues a handsome certificate (Fisterrana) to commemorate your arrival ai the end of the Camino and the end of the world! El fin do Cami/lo y el fin do Terra. Continue down the narrow C/ Santa Catalina for [200m] to emerge onto the central square with the albergue on the corner opposite you.

Open all year and vjh well administered and maintained by the Concello de Fisterra (local munici ial authority). Built in time for the new millennium with 26 bed spaces on 2 floor (additional suelos mattresses] provided). Ample modern hot showers. Groi id floor reception area and kitchen. Sitting/ dining areas provided in conserve o-ries to the rear. Exceptionally well built and what it lacks in character it more than makes up for in comfort and its central location adjacent to all amenii cs and the main bus depot for return journey to Santiago (unless you’re planning tc walk home)? You will doubtless receive a warm welcome from Begoiia and her team but opening times are not so pilgrim friendly 09.30 (12.00 on Sunday-1 until 14.00 and 19.00-22.00. For those arriving in the afternoon this will nec s-sitate waiting for it to open for Ihe evening. Is this the time to travel on to ihe Lighthouse and Monte Facho?

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