Hey from Athens it is very early in the morning about to go to take my boat to the Greek islands getting on the ferry to the islands now I thought that they were going to be really small, and kind of the word ferry sounds very quaint. But they are so huge it is so nice in here. So it’s definitely way nicer than I expected it to be we should travel like this more often it’s about that’s gonna take me to where, I’m staying in the sanctuary week it’s all the way across the island the heroes. So this is a map of Santorini that’s kind of the city with all the blue doors, and everything that you commonly see I am right here right now and, I’m staying here in Peru Hey from Santorini I am about to go out, and explore it just sleeping like this is the right house tonight. So the place that I am staying in Santorini is called parisa, and it seems to be a very very small town things on the map are marked as the store or the bar it is very tiny the people are very nice.

Santorini Photo Gallery

But they seem rare I have not seen many people. So this is one of Santorini famous black sands beaches not that this Beach is famous the only one here. But the black sand Waker well there doesn’t appear to be a single store in town that sells any sort of clothes there aren’t even really any stores in general, I’m feeling very much in the middle of nowhere the clothes that I have very much for winter winter pants winter boots heavy warm socks. So it’s really hot out that, I’m going to continue in the middle of nowhere now have no idea where I am I see this little town on a hillside like kind of in front of me. So that’s why, I’m trying to get this like pack of dogs from someone’s house as I walked by I like came out, and kind of started growling, and chasing me it was actually kind of scary. But they were they were very small dogs. So I wasn’t really bad scared.

But there were a lot of them what should you do if you get chased by dogs that long road up the mountain what is a dead end, and it did nothing. So we have to come back down. So I’ve just come back down, and the whole walk that I did was for nothing. So now, I’m trying a different route hopefully it’ll be more successful I ended up finding what I think is the only clothing store in town I got some summer clothes, I’m so happy about that I did not find the way back up to the town I could have kept going. But this I want it to go back. So going back to my Airbnb right now I am about to go to the beach every single time I go by this cow just watches me sinister gaze though I thought shorts I bought flip flops yay back to flip flop weather look what I have found walking down the street. So just from the coincidence of seeing those whole my eyes are talking to and, I’m going horseback riding with them tomorrow night.

So that’ll be fun it is such a beautiful evening it’s about 7:00 the Sun is supposed to set at seven thirty years I think, I’m going to end the day here at I will see you tomorrow I have some things planned should be a exciting day. So, I’ll see you soon bye.

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