Cereal Killer Cafes Guide to Fun London Eats

Hi my name is Alan Keery, I am the owner of Cereal Killer Cafe and we are here in Brooklyn in East London. Me and my brother were Eichten we were hungover and we wanted to go for something to eat so we thought, wouldn’t it be great just to go somewhere to get a bowl of cereal? There’s no where get it apart from a supermarket and take it home and if there isn’t somewhere like this and we want to go to somewhere like this, then why does it not exist? So the cafe we stock 120 different kinds of cereal. We do cereals from all over the world. We’ve got loads of cereals from the UK, America, but we also do about 13 different kinds of milk. One of the best ones is a mint flavored milk, which is amazing because it goes great with chocolate cereal and we do about 10 different flavors of pop tart, probably the best coffee in East London, and we do amazing teas, herbal teas.

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Thanks Nico, just bang loudly there. We have a loads of different Americans sodas, everything from Big Red to rootbeer, we do snapple. BrewDog is an amazing craft beer brewery. It’s a tapa Brickley and they do all the room lagers and have some amusing different lagers in there, and they also need the best tater tots that i’ve ever had in my life never seen anywhere else and and london if those tater tots do they do them with chili on them they do that much cheese they do them with loads of different sauces, it’s amazing farce gonna Dunson is a really cool pub at in Dalston i mean it’s quite new but it’s just got such a great history to it used to be in dance school and then it was derelict building for years it’s being them redone really good atmosphere in there.

I was good for dancing on a Friday night as well so pretty raised is London’s take on a New York Pizza playoffs they do pizza by the slice and they are proper big slices of pizza but it’s got like this real East London edged here and they do it amazing vegan sort of pizzas and they do some really interesting flavors and things on the pizzas and I have some that I had that was kind of gorgonzola with like mushroom and some thin honor it was quite tipsy at the time but it was a very good pizza and the white heart is a pub in in Stoke Newington and it’s got the best beer garden in London, and they do me isn’t Sunday roast as well but in the middle of the summer, it’s got this humungous beer garden that kind of catches the Sun all day as well so it’s perfect harvest is like a health food shop in Dalston but it does the best chocolate vegan kick initially when you say vegan he don’t think it’s gonna be Goods it’s just so creamy and like sticks to the roof your mice and you can taste it for an hour afterwards it’s just amazing the diner is a it’s an American sort of diner but it’s kind of like London’s version over it’s just a very cool place to go hang out they do amazing cocktails and they do amazing hard shake they do the best of American food in London garlic shots is probably one of the weirdest places that.

I’ve ever been in London and I own a serial cafe it’s a golf bar but all their food has garlic in it and when I say go like I mean eats of garlic but I’ve also got a hundred different shots so you can get like Bloody Mary shots you can just get hundred different flavored shots really it’s all served to you by Moody Gough I really like good customer service but and that kind of place it was just it just seemed right you know these pissed-off moody Goths serving garlic flavored food so this is the serial killer cafe cook burka do believe it’s available on Amazon we invented all the recipes ourselves we spent months cooking with cereal I’m making a little weird recipes and do it with your friends give with your families just don’t buy it thinking it’s a five-star dining experience because you probably be disappointed.

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