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Montreal – Old Montreal

This is Old Montreal. This is where the city was born, and you’ll find it’s home to some of the oldest buildings in North America. Montreal is known for it’s many magnificent churches, like this one, the Notre Dame. Montreal is such a cool place. It’s like you’re in the heart of Europe. It’s got cobblestone roads and really cool architecture. Inside there are all these cute little shops. While you’re here, spend some time in Place Jacques-Cartier, as well as the many other squares. You’ll find a piece of Europe in North America. Montreal is a great place to have a good meal, do some shopping, check out some art galleries, or even do some people reading. There was so much to see and do, I can’t wait to come back.

Montreal Map Canada

Montreal – Quebec City and Montmorency Falls Day Trip

We’re here in Quebec City today. A day trip from Montreal. One of the oldest cities in all of Canada. Let’s go! 1970’s, the artisans of Quebec settled here. This is the Palace Royale. One of the main squares here in Quebec City. It’s go the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires and the statue of Louis XIV. Chateau Frontenac. I’ve always wanted to see this hotel. It’s beautiful. It is the most photographed hotel in the world they say. Alright, we’ve walked around Quebec City, now we’re gonna hop on a bus, drive around some more, and go to the top. This post, I had a great time in Quebec City. We walked all over the town. The little shops remind me so much of some of the little shops in the areas in Italy and also in France. Very quaint city, very unique. The view from the lookout is incredible.

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Montreal Map and Travel Guide Photo Gallery

So this is the St. Lawrence River. To the west we have Montreal, and this way you have the eastern provinces and the Atlantic Ocean. The highlight of my day was, we took a boat trip. That was really good. Very relaxing. Saw some shots of Quebec City from the river. That was really good. The boat actually takes you by Montmorency Falls, which, believe it or not, are actually taller than Niagara Falls. The river cruise down the St. Lawrence River was relaxing and informative.

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Now we get some free time to explore Quebec City on our own. Quebec City was founded in 1608. It is one of the oldest cities in North America and is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Going up the funicular! The view out here is incredible. Bird’s eye view of Quebec City. I had such a spectacular time here in Quebec City. It felt like I was in Europe, but I’m actually in Canada. The perfect day trip from Montreal.

Montreal City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

There are so many great sights to see here in Montreal. And today I’m going to try and see as many as I can on this hop-on, hop-off bus. Here we go. Montreal is a city like no other. You have some really old buildings and cathedral. All right, time to go check out old Montreal. You have a touch of France in North America. It is the largest French-speaking city outside of Paris. Which gives it a unique flavor on this continent. I saw Montreal City Hall, Notre Dame. Old Montreal is gorgeous. There’s so many different parts of Montreal. Time to hop off. This is the beautiful Old Port. We’re here on Mount Royal with the city behind us. A very French one, at that. Wow, that was so fun. Covered a lot of ground. And got to see so much of Montreal. Such a beautiful city.

Montreal Half-Day Bike Tour

This post we’re going to take a bike tour through Montreal and get to know some of the neighborhoods. Here we go. We’re standing by the Saint Laurent River. There’s a big dome over there. That was the American pavilion. It’s a geodesic dome by Mr. Fuller, Buckminster Fuller. Ok, so this is City Hall over here. Yeah and you see the architecture, very French. It’s a architecture from Paris. So we just learned that this city has about 80 neighborhoods and 100 languages are spoken. That’s so amazing. What I love about the bike tour is that you actually get to go into the neighborhoods, see how people live. It’s an entirely different way to experience a city, and I love it! So what’s nice is they actually have three different tours that you can pick from. So you can either do the city tour, or the architecture tour, or the compare and contrast tour. So this is Old Montreal.

Montreal Map Downtown

It’s definitely got a really cool European vibe. I really, really like it. City tour’s really fun, where you’re always moving. I mean, you can go by walk, but it’s so much more funner when you’re on a bike, and when you’re biking with your buddies, especially. And you got a guided tour with professional guides. It’s definitely really fun. This is La Fontaine Park There’s lots of shade, so it’s perfect for a bike ride today. All right. It’s time for bagels. All right, guys. I have some bagels for you. So they are really hot and fresh, as you can see, coming out from the oven. You can’t have fresher bagel, for sure. They make them 24 hours. When you come to Montreal, you’ve got to try a Montreal-style bagel. Wow! I had so much fun on the bike tour. There were tons of bike lanes. Montreal is a perfect place to take a tour on a bike.

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