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Kamari iras the purl of Ancient Thera. It has deivluped into a tourist resort, and the beach has a full range of amenities.

This was the port for Ancient Thera and in those days it was called Oia. Today it is the second most popular beach on the island. The long beach with its fine black sand is protected to the south by the vertical mass of Mesa Vouno. Here, apart from clear water for swimming, there are hotels of all kinds, tavernas, restaurants, discos, a campsite, bars and a cinema.

The Volcano

The crater of the volcano is on Nea Kammeni, the islet formed by the most recent eruptions of the volcano. It is a mass of black matter, which is simply lava that poured as a viscous liquid from the bowels of the earth and then hardened.

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The caique which takes visitors there from Thera anchors off the coast of the little island, where the water is warm and made translucent green by the sulphur content. From the beach there is a path right up to the rim of the crater. The walk takes about half an hour. Near the crater, puffs of steam smelling strongly of sulphur are emitted from cracks at many points. Visitors intending to walk to the crater should wear stout shoes and take a good supply of drinking water.


The area of this island is no more than 16 square kilometres, while to the north stands the chapel dedicated to St Irene, which some scholars believe gave Santorini its name.

Ferries leave Piraeus daily hound for Santorini. The trip lasts about 12 hours. For information about ferry schedules from Piraeus to Santorini, call the Piraeus port.

Santorini is linked will Athens try daily Olympic Airways flights. For information. call Olympic Airways. Athens 966.6666. The /light takes about one hour. Tl.iere are also direct flights between Mykonos, Herakleio, Rhodes and Santorini, while many charter /lights connect the island with major European cities. Santorini airport is about 7 kilometres from Fira. Olympic Airways buses carry passengers to and from the airport.

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