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The Best Challenge Walk brings its own special logistical problems which Sao Paulo Metro Map are detailed in the chapter devoted to that walk. And if you will forgive me for saying Sao Paulo Metro Map it, always have a good breakfast before you set out! It should go without saying that you must have the utmost respect and courtesy for the countryside, observing the Country Code and avoiding doing anything which spoils the surroundings or puts yourself, other people or animals at risk.

Be particularly careful about straying too close to cliff edges, and never allow yourself to be put in danger of being cut off by an incoming tide. None of the walking is so remote from civilisation that you are likely to be stranded or benighted for any reason, but it makes sense to avoid setting out into the countryside in particularly adverse weather conditions. If you do, you should have a mobile phone with you and ensure someone knows where you are heading. But my advice is to wait till the weather clears up.

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