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Couples kayak and scuba dive in the dead of winter in Florida. They ride bikes and zoom down roller coasters, stroll through historic districts and drink craft cocktails in swanky alfresco bars. As the cold wilts weddings up north, Florida blossoms, beckoning with temperate climes and destinations ranging from chic and urban to rural and tranquil. If you’d like to host your big day in a locale where summer never ends, head to one of these Florida wedding hot spots.

WESTERN WAYS Along Florida’s west coast, personable cities, towns and islands offer a m©lange of wedding possibilities. Circus tents and nature preserves, sports stadiums and wine cellars, posh mansions and botanical gardens. From Longboat Key down to Manasota Key, the Sarasota area has among the nation’s most diverse, and tempting, array of wedding venues. This Floridian stretch along the sunset-sensational Gulf Coast is warm and welcoming all year long.

Marry here, and you can choose the simplest, most sophisticated or most playful ceremony and reception venues imaginable. With the beach as backdrop, go to a chic hotel and let the events team handle the details. Head to a state park and immerse yourselves in Sarasota’s take on endless summer. Rent out an opera house, or join hands under banyan trees. Charter a yacht or go country at an old-fashioned fruit farm. From conservative chapel ceremonies to exuberant celebrations, Sarasota appeals to couples of all types. What’s more, the folks at Visit Sarasota County will help you out for free. They’ll lead you to lodging for you and your guests. They’ll recommend vendors from photographers to makeup artists. And they’ll provide local maps and guides.

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