Saunton Sands Hotel Braunton, Devon, Uk Brides Bespoke

A stunning location above a glorious three-mile stretch of golden beach, this elegantly styled hotel has everything to transform your special day into a red carpet occasion. He dedicated hotel wedding planner will look after all of the arrangements, so you can relax, let go and thoroughly enjoy the big day.

The fore-part of the ship struck upon the rock and the after part from the engine was washed away. I was told that there was two boats, but did not see either of them. I did not see any of the after-cabin passengers on deck after the vessel struck; they were washed away with the wreck.

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There was nine saved who were on the forecastle, amongst whom were the carpenter, cook, two coal-trimmers and a fireman. During the night about 10 o’clock, the captain and steward were in the fore-cabin collecting fares from the passengers. The sails were up during the whole night and were up when the vessel struck; the main sail was down for a short while but was hoisted again.

After the vessel struck, I never saw anything more of the captain or mate, or cabin passengers. Later, Jordan Evans of Bamburgh, a Customs House officer, said: I had been on the rock where the wreck of the Forfarshire lies; the fore-part of the vessel and paddle-wheels are lying there; the engine likewise is all there. All the materials before the paddle-box consisting of mast, rigging, anchors and cables are saved and may be worth £200, which belongs to the Hull and Dundee Steam Packet Company.

Fortunately, nine people had already left the ship in one of the lifeboats and had been rescued by a vessel from Montrose.

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